You as parents are the primary spiritual influence in your home. Whether you have young children who are just beginning to grasp faith concepts or students who seem to listen to you less each day, Church at Home is for you! Here at Frontline, we believe that church is not just something that happens on the weekends, but that church should be a part of the everyday rhythms of your lives. Church at Home is a practical daily tool to effectively lead your family's spiritual growth in four key focus areas: Eat, Pray/Read, Serve, Play.

EAT (October- December 2015)

Fall and food just seem to go together. There is something about gathering around a meal that lends itself to quality, intentional conversation. While eating dinner as a family is not realistic for everyone's schedules, connecting as a family regularly is essential to growing spiritually together.

SERVE (January- March 2016)
Getting your kids/students out of their comfort zone to see that the world is bigger than themselves is an important way to model Jesus to them. At Frontline, there are many internal and outreach service opportunities to instill this important mindset. During this quarter, we challenge you to find one service opportunity a month to serve as a family inside the church and one service opportunity in the community.

PRAY (April- June 2016)
The old saying, "Families that pray together stay together" could not be more true. Reading your Bible accompanied by rhythms of prayer is the top spiritual discipline for growth. Developing a read/pray rhythm together as a family will maximize this growth.

PLAY (July- September 2016)
Sometimes it can be difficult for families to spend intentional quality time together, but positive family memories and spiritual development are closely linked. Whether that means taking a Sabbath together, going on a vacation/staycation, or going on walks in your neighborhood, the focus for this quarter is to simply have fun and build family warmth together.

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