Our City Partners are our strategic partnerships with organizations and ministries that specifically target the tangible and spiritual needs of people groups within the greater Grand Rapids area. 

the storehouse | FRONTLINE CHURCH

The Storehouse is a distribution center that receives all kinds of products from World Vision for the purpose of providing non-profit partners with ability to empower the people they serve. The Storehouse is operated within our building and provides home essentials to our Essentials store and teacher's resources to our Teacher's Resource Center. 

north end community ministries | GRAND RAPIDS

North End Community Ministries is a ministry whose mission is to provide practical assistance to those in need on the Northeast side of Grand Rapids. Through their Supper House ministry, we've been able to purchase food, serve delicious hot meals, visit with guests and clean-up for over 350 individuals per week once a month.

We are always seeking out new City Partners. If you would like to be kept up to date on any new partnerships we are pursuing, sign up for our quarterly Missions newsletter coming soon!