The weekend services at Frontline are focused on the love, grace, and mercy of Jesus Christ. Whether you are a child, student, single, married, or single again, we know Frontline will be a place where you feel at home. Being in community impacts lives and reminds us that we can't do life alone... because life is messy. 

We offer experiences that are age-appropriate for your entire family. You will find authentic worship and relevant, biblical teaching for you, and we provide Jesus-centered childcare and classes for your children.

Fill out the "Plan a Visit" form and we will be expecting you with a warm smile, a warm cup of coffee, and a gift. 

Weekend Services

Our services are an opportunity for people to come and enjoy time together. Being in community impacts lives and reminds us that we can't do life alone. There will be children’s programming if you have kids, otherwise they are welcome to join you in the service. Come and join us, relax, and see if Frontline is a good fit for you!

Small Groups

Small groups are also a great way to connect in deep and meaningful relationships with other people in a similar stage or life or around a particular topic or theme. Maybe you’re exploring Christianity for the first time or looking for a group to connect with to benefit your marriage. No matter what your story is, we have a group for you!


Serving and volunteering is also a fantastic way to get connected around here. These are teams of people that give their time for the benefit of others. This happens a lot on Sunday mornings to make things like our worship service or children’s ministry possible. Our goal is to provide a way for you to get connected with other people in a fun and informal context!

Discover Frontline

With a church our size, sometimes it can be hard to form new relationships. That’s why we created Discover Frontline. This is an event that happens every 4-6 weeks at Frontline that’s designed to connect you with other people and families in our church. It follows our 11am service and lunch and childcare provided.