Homebase Programs include everything we do within the walls of Frontline that have an intentionally outward focus. While these programs exist within our base of operations, they are missional in purpose and function and propel our missional vision forward. 

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missions café | FRONTLINE LOBBY

With each cup of fair-trade coffee that you purchase at Frontline’s Mission Café, we are able to further fund the missional endeavors of Frontline. Every cent we bring in is directly put back into Giving Ourselves Away. Learn more about Giving Ourselves Away here. 

essentials store | FRONTLINE CHURCH

What used to be called our hygiene pantry, the Essentials store has become a fully sustainable and greatly expanded storefront on the West side of our building. For a small annual membership fee, we are able to provide community members with many different kinds of home goods, such as hygiene items, diapers, cleaning supplies, and paper supplies. Many if our products are supplied by our in-house partner, the Storehouse. 

Essentials store hours:
Tuesdays 10am-12pm
Wednesdays 5:30pm-7:30pm

teacher's resource store | FRONTLINE CHURCH

In addition to our Essentials store, our storefront also provides resources to the teachers of Northview schools. Our goal is that this center can expand to include even more school districts within the greater Grand Rapids area and across West Michigan. 

Teacher's Resource Store is by appointment only.

kids on mission | FRONTLINE CHURCH

We strive to teach kids how to be missionally minded from a very early age. Once a month, we dedicate an entire Sunday in the Block to helping kids engage in missions, both locally and globally. We use "Kids On Mission" curriculum with resources that help your children understand God’s heart for the nations and their role in missions now!