Frontline Community Church seeks to bring God’s Kingdom to earth (Matthew 6:10) and to equip His people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up and mature (Ephesians 4:12-13). 

We have many different ways for you to help others both big and small, near and far. It doesn't always take big money to do the work of God, but instead big hearts.

If your heart is currently being pulled to help others, please look into these options we have here at Frontline.

children's hope chest | ETHIOPIA

We partner with a church and the community of UKRO to assist in transformational, holistic, sustainable, and long-term changes for orphaned and at risk children. Through hands on ministry and sponsorships that encourage involvement with children and those who care for them, communities are transformed into Christlikeness through relationships. 


We serve in Port-au-Prince providing impoverished, widowed and orphaned Haitians with education, child care, small business opportunities, and medical assistance while spreading the message of the Gospel through mission trips and child sponsorships.

missions café | FRONTLINE LOBBY

With each cup of fair-trade coffee that you purchase at Frontline’s Mission Café, we are able to sponsor children which provides them basic needs such as food, education and feeling loved.


north end community ministries | GRAND RAPIDS

North End Community Ministries is a shared ministry whose mission is to provide practical assistance to those in need on the Northeast side of Grand Rapids. We participate in regular food drives for their pantries that serve over 750 families per month with food.

Supper House - We purchase food, serve delicious hot meals, visit with guests and clean-up for over 350 individuals per week once a month.

hygiene pantry | FRONTLINE CHURCH

We operate our own in-house pantry that provides hygiene product to Frontliners in need, those in need in our community and NECM clients three times a month.