We are so excited for NowGen's 2017 Winter retreat. Kick off the New Year right and join us for this incredible weekend! This retreat is available to 6th-12th grade students from Frontline's North and South Campuses! We will be heading to Lincoln Lake Camp in Gowen Michigan for an INCREDIBLY FUN weekend of winter activities, an awesome speaker, worship, small groups, and community! Sign up below to reserve your spot!


Where/how do I register?
> You can register on this page (fill out form below).

How much is the cost of the retreat?
> $85 includes charter bus transportation (to and from Frontline's North Campus), food, lodging, activities, and everything else related to the retreat. Payment can be made via cash or check upon arrival on Friday, January 13. For every new friend that you bring on the retreat, we will give you $10 off your retreat cost. ("New" means a student that has not yet attended NowGen this year).

What should I/my student bring?
> Here is a recommended list:
•Pen & Notebook
•Sleeping bag, (or two heavy blankets and sheets), pillow
•Outdoor clothes for snow games
•At least two pair of shoes (inside and outside)
•Lots of socks!
•Wash cloth, towel, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste
•Warm pajamas
•Plastic bag for dirty clothes
•Medications in their ORIGINAL CONTAINERS must be turned in at registration at Frontline on Friday.
•Money for the Camp Store, [Drinks & Snacks $1-2, T-shirts $10-$15 and Sweatshirts $20]
•Mark all belongings for identification. 
> Items should be identified with your name written on the tag. Any lost and found items are kept for one week and then donated.

What time is registration at Frontline?
> The bus will be leaving from Frontline's North Campus at 6:00pm on Friday, January 13, so we recommend arriving around 5:30pm. 

What time does the retreat end?
> We will be returning to Frontline's North Campus by 1pm on Sunday, January 15.

Where is the camp taking place?
> The retreat will be taking place at Lincoln Lake Camp in Gowen, Michigan (about 30 minutes from Frontline's North Campus). 

May I bring my snowboard for the tubing hill?
> Yes. But if anyone else is tubing, snowboards are not permitted on the hill. Snowboards & tubes do not like each other.

Please contact Brad Vanderson with any additional questions. We would be glad to assist you!

Student Name *
Student Name
Please list and provide all medications your student will need during their time at the retreat. Please also list the amounts and times of day your student needs medication. All meds must be turned in at registration at Frontline on Friday.
Name/Relation to Student
Emergency Contact Phone Number *
Emergency Contact Phone Number

Parent or legal guardian must print and sign the waiver below. This must accompany your student to the retreat on January 13 (we will have extra copies at the church if you prefer to fill one out when dropping your student off).