Our World Partners are the strategic partnerships with organizations that specifically target the tangible and spiritual needs of people groups outside our immediate geographic area.


children's hope chest | ETHIOPIA

Frontline Church has partnered with a church and community to assist in transformational, holistic, sustainable, and long-term changes for orphaned and at risk children. Through hands on ministry and sponsorships that encourage involvement with children and those who care for them, communities are transformed into Christlikeness through relationships. 

More About the Ukro Carepoint

Ukro CarePoint is directed by the Ukro Mul Wongal Local Church located in Hawassa, 170 miles south of the capital city, Addis Ababa. The church is situated in one of the most impoverished areas of the city and is surrounded by a Muslim community. Both a high percentage of unemployment and traditional worship practices contribute to the lack of interest in education. Many who are employed make less than one dollar a day. Consequently, children are kept from school and sent to work to bring home a meager income to supplement their family’s needs. In this densely populated area, HIV/AIDS has dramatically impacted the community. Both the lack of sanitation and poor hygiene has created an ongoing crisis of sickness and disease. Yet despite these hurdles, Ukro CarePoint serves as a drop-in center, a safe place where children in need can come to receive discipleship and care. Ukro assists children in attending school regularly and is committed to providing holistic ministry for the children and those within the community.

Child Sponsorship
Are you interested in personally sponsoring a child in our Ukro CarePoint? There are still many children that are awaiting a sponsor! Visit our carepoint community page to meet some of the children and learn more!

ebenezer discipleship training center | HAITI


In the city of Petit Goave, Haiti, Ebenezer Discipleship Training Center exists to raise up and equip indigenous disciples of Jesus Christ, while also helping to transform the community and surrounding communities in which it operates. By serving through the local churches, EDTC is striving to simply to join in what Christ has already started in the communities.

The heart of Ebenezer is discipleship, both for indigenous people and foreign visitors. But instead of foreigners doing the discipling, the discipleship school uses Haitians to teach, lead, and evangelize. This makes the process culturally relevant while also avoiding dependency on from the outside.

Along with their focus on local discipleship, the training center also helps develop spiritual growth and discipleship in foreign short term teams by helping them understand that they are missionaries to the very places God has already sent them.

We partner with Ebenezer a few different ways. First, we sell Haitian Harvest coffee at our Missions Cafe, which is grown and produced by Haitian churches. We also send teams of people to spend a week alongside Ebenezer to learn and grow together as disciples. (You can learn more about our trips at