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This beginning journey is designed to connect you with the Frontline Church community and lead you to experience discipleship in a group setting. To sign up for this eight-week discipleship journey and receive help along the way, fill out the form below. Your cohort leader will connect with you shortly!

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God created us to crave a relationship with Himself and with others in community. He just wired us that way! When we gather together, we discover strength to weather storms, wisdom to aid our tough life decisions, assurance that God is with us, and encouragement with accountability to stay the course. Begin this journey by watching the video below. 

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2 | JOIN

Small Groups encourage us to grow spiritually while in a relationship with others. They are a place to learn and apply God's Word, to be cared for and to care for others, and to reflect the love, acceptance, and forgiveness of Christ. When we do life together in the trenches, receiving the love, support, and encouragement of other Christians, we are changed from the inside out. Step 2 in this connect journey is to sign up for a small group and make it a priority to attend your group every week this semester. 

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Now that you are in a group its time to expand your understanding of how groups influence discipleship. 

Watch the video "Community-Starting Well Part 3" by Andy Stanley. The video is only 10 minutes and is part of six-part series. You will also have access to watch the other five parts. You have access to this video through an online resource called RightNow Media. This is a FREE resource for members of Frontline small groups.

Here is a sample from the Community-Starting Well series:

If you have never used RightNow Media or you have forgotten your password, submit your email through this link.  You will receive an invitation to join RightNow Media in your inbox. It may take 24 hours for the email to arrive.

here is a sample. After you join you will have access to community-starting well part 3 video, the entire series, as well as thousands of other Christian media resources. 

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Discipleship in groups doesn't happen unless you join in the process. 

One way to do this is to actively pursue deeper relationships with your group members outside of meeting times.  Step 4 in this connecting discipleship journey is to make plans, follow through, and share here your experience in growing relationships with your group. 

Examples: Connect at Frontline with group members and sit together in service, Go out to breakfast or lunch with group members on a Sunday after service, invite someone from the group over for dinner, go out on a date night with another couple in your group, volunteer to serve with other group members at Frontline or in the community.

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At the conclusion of this journey, it is time to look back at where you've been and reflect on how God has changed you through it. The fifth and final step in this journey is to prayerfully reflect on how you have grown and been transformed in these past couple months, while also considering what your next season of discipleship holds.