Discipling students into a lifestyle of loving Jesus and making Him known in their world.

At Frontline, we don't believe students are the Next Generation. Students are an active, important part of the Kingdom of God NOW. Our Student Ministry is a vibrant, diverse community of 6th-12th Graders learning to take ownership of their faith and growing deeper in love with Jesus daily. Our desire is to partner with parents to teach students what it means to love Jesus for a lifetime. If you are in 6th-12th Grade or an adult interested in leading and learning from students, we invite you to be part of the Now Generation at Frontline. 


6th-12th Grade



First Wednesdays. Every first Wednesday of the month, we throw a giant party for our students. There is a meal, games, worship, and teaching. It's a blast and this is a great opportunity to invite friends!

Fam Wednesdays. The rest of the Wednesdays are centered around your small group, because real growth happens in community. Fam Wednesdays are designed all around your small group community! As a group, you get to decide what you study together, where you want to serve in the community, and when you want to spend time together. If you are new or visiting, our welcome team would love to help you get connected in a small group "fam".

See our programming calendar below...

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Parents stay in the know and sign up for our email list. We regularly send out updates, important information, and ideas for you to engage with the content we are teaching at youth group! This is a great way to stay connected with Student Ministries at Frontline.

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nowgen pastor | BRAD VANDERSON

email: bvanderson@frontlinegr.com