Sending Journey 2

This intermediate discipleship journey is designed to challenge you in becoming a missionary and sent follower of Jesus in your everyday walk of life.  This is a great journey for you if you already have a basic understanding of what it means to be sent and are ready to more consistently engage in mission. We recommend Sending Journey 1 for those who would first like to expand their understanding of being sent. To sign up for this eight-week discipleship journey and receive help along the way, fill out the form below. Your cohort leader will connect with you shortly!

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1 | READ

As God's people, we have all been given the mission to go and make disciples. We are all missionaries SENT into this world to bring people to Him. While this can happen through things like outreach events and mission trips, it's in the everyday stuff of life where we really find our calling. Step 1 in this Sending journey is to purchase and go through A Field Guide For Everyday Mission by Ben Connelly and Bob Roberts Jr. This easy-to-read 30-day guide will help reorient yourself around what it means to be on mission through the daily rhythms of life. 

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2 | PRAY

1 Timothy 2 teaches us to bring our prayers to God for all people, especially for those who have not yet been saved through Jesus. Prayer is at the heart of mission, as it expands our heart's capacity for compassion and allows us to see the world as Jesus does. Step 3 is to commit to visit and pray for the people of a specific place at least once a week. Maybe it's at a coffee shop you frequent; maybe it's a neighborhood you drive by on your daily commute. Simply take an extra 10 minutes one day each week to pray specifically for those people. 

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Being sent by God is all about knowing, loving, and serving those outside of the church. Even within the walls of 4411 Plainfield Ave, we have many opportunities to serve people on the outside. Step 3 is to serve through one of these opportunities. Serve as often or as little as you are able. The point is to reorienting your heart around those who are not part of the faith community.

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At this point in your journey, you have experienced what it means to be part of God's mission in your life.  What would it look like to make mission a regular rhythm of life right alongside community and worship? On Sunday, March 25th during the 11:00am service, there will be an opportunity to hear how to make this a tangible reality in your life. Join us for a one hour discussion on missional community and how you and your family can take this next step.


At the conclusion of this journey, it is time to look back at where you've been and reflect on how God has changed you through it. The fifth and final step in this journey is to prayerfully reflect on how you have grown and been transformed in these past couple months, while also considering what your next season of discipleship holds.