justice journey

In a world where sexual abuse, violence, racism, oppression, and injustice dominate the headlines and plague our world, how do we follow Jesus without looking like everyone else? Jesus came to bring hope for the needy and set the captive free, so what does it look like to be a part of the Church in the 21st century.

Throughout the month of July, we will be engaging in a journey of discipleship together. We'll be exploring the spiritual, political, societal, and relational implications of following a God who fights for the oppressed, cares for the sick, and restores what has been broken.

By joining this discipleship journey, you'll be able to stay connected with others in an online community, dig deeper into the content of the week's teaching, and be challenged into deeper discipleship through tangible action.

1. Listen to the Sunday sermon at church, on our website or via Facebook Live.

2. Connect to the Justice Journey Facebook Group.

3. Watch a short video with a weekly challenge and discussion questions.

4. Engage in the weekly challenge throughout the week.

5. Discuss your experience with the challenge with others in the Facebook group.