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April 29 


The Sent Event

Every fifth Sunday, Frontline goes out into our city to BE the church through what we call Sent Events.

On April 29, following our 11am service, we have the opportunity to join in a major movement of city revitalization and Gospel-centered transformation right here in Grand Rapids!

During this Sent Event, you’ll hear from the staff of the Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation, invest in a local social enterprise through the purchase of lunch, and then serve the Center and community through hands-on projects.

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May 19 

The Global 6K



Nearly, 1,000 children die every day because of a lack of clean water and sanitation. The Global 6K for Water is a one-day, worldwide event where thousands will unite to literally save lives through the gift of clean water.

Last year, over 28,000 people in countries around the world ran and walked to bring clean water to those in need. This year, we’re hoping even more people join us in our goal to bring life-changing clean water to 50,000 children who desperately need it.

The distance is significant. 6 kilometers (approximately 3.7 miles, or 15 laps around a track) is the average distance people—usually women and girls—walk to get water for their families and homes in the developing world. Often, the walk is dangerous, children miss school to fulfill this household need, and the water is dirty. When you participate in World Vision’s Global 6K, every step you take is one they won’t have to.

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July 9th-13th

North Campus