Why Membership?

Belong,Witness, Accountability, Responsibility, Encouragement, Growth, Renewed Commitment to Christ

We all have a need to belong, membership is a response to this reality. Becoming a member is a public witness or statement of your values and priorities. Commitment through membership gives you accountability, responsibility, and encouragement from your fellow Christ followers. Membership is another step to help you grow. It affirms your commitment to Christ and His Church.


Join us for membership overview class. You will have the option to pursue membership if you decide its the right step for you, after the class.  

Membership Class is offered on two different Sundays, April 29 & May 6. You need only to attend one class, they are identical. Both take place during 11:00 service in Meeting Room B.  A membership ceremony will take place during the Behind the Lines congregation meeting in May. (attendance is not required but encouraged details TBA)

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Sunday, 11am Meeting Room B (You only need to attend one class as they are identical)