The vision of The Block is partnering with your home, and building life-long faith in your kids. The Block space is designed with kids in mind! The décor is kid friendly and ready for active, energetic activities.



The safety of your kids is first priority on the block. We use computer check-in that generates each family a unique security code. This code is displayed in the main Worship Center if your child needs your assistance during church. We combine the code with you signing your child in and out of their classroom, to ensure your children are only released to you. Our volunteers are screened and background checked. The entire children's area is monitored under video surveillance. At every service time the Block Watch, our trained children's safety team is patrolling the area and on hand in case of emergency.



Our mission is that what your child learns will help foster a relationship with Jesus that will last a lifetime. Relationships are the central component of everything we do. Research tells us that relationships your child will form on The Block with adults and teens will help solidify their faith into adulthood. Inter-generational relationships are central at Frontline.

The Block is designed with a central gathering place for kids and adults that promotes community-building for our families. Kids and families can casually connect with one another during the Check In and Check Out time.

To help your child develop a relationship with Jesus we use curriculum from 252 Basics for our elementary kids, and First Look for preschool. Both these curriculums are based on a strategy called Orange. You can find examples and more information on these curriculums at



We are committed to being partners with parents. We value parents as the primary spiritual leaders of their kids. You as parents have the most influence. We want to partner with you so together we can have a greater impact. We partner by providing resources and support so that during the week you have the tools to aide your child's spiritual development, tools that help you have intentional conversations that fit into the rhythm of your everyday life. We know all of you are busy at home and we don't want to add to the busyness. We want to help maximize the time you already have.

Preschool parents have a monthly newsletter that has ideas for car rides and meal times that reinforces what we talked about on Sundays. Elementary school uses a weekly God Time card that children take home and talk about with an adult at their house. God Time cards are then followed up with what we call God Step cards. God Steps help you navigate important steps that your children are taking. The God Step program helps you navigate your child through things like deciding to follow Jesus and baptism. If you are apprehensive and feel you don't know how to have those conversations we will be supporting you.



It has been said it takes a village to raise a child; at Frontline that is certainly true. We need everyone to help out in our neighborhood! There are a few ways in which you can get involved in supporting The Block.

First, we need your Prayer support. We seek God's guidance for all of our activities and we'd love to have you also lift The Block up in prayer.

Second, we need you to get involved! Every week we work to provide the environment mentioned above, and that takes people. We are building a community on The Block that needs you. We need you to be in relationship with kids and families on The Block. Some of the areas where you can get involved include: small group leader, song and video leader, nursery, computer check in, Block Watch security team, and team schedule coordinator. To join our team, visit our Block volunteer page.


children's director | Amanda Alcumbrack