360 Degree Review

Employee name
Employee name
Please answer the following questions about the job performance of (employee name). Emphasize your individual experience working directly with him/her. I’d like to learn about what he/she does well in each of these areas. I’d also like you to suggest areas for improvement where possible. Provide examples whenever you can as these best illuminate the employee's actions in context. Your answers will be combined with the rest of the feedback I receive and I will provide the information to the employee. Because of individual incidents that may be identifiable by the employee, I don’t guarantee the confidentiality of your feedback. However, I will do my best to keep everything as confidential as possible. I need to use examples so the employee can obtain a realistic and actionable picture of his/her performance.
1. Does this employee exhibit leadership qualities in the roles he/she plays in the organization? 2. If so, can you provide examples of how he/she positively contributes through his/her leadership? 3. If not, how can the employee improve his/her leadership?
1. When this employee works with coworkers, what interpersonal skills does he/she demonstrate? 2. Have you experienced any problems with him/her interpersonally? 3. How would you recommend that the employee improves his/her interpersonal and relationship building skills?
1. Does the employee effectively solve problems? 2. If so, what are the skills that he/she has demonstrated in solving problems and arriving at solutions and improvements? 3. If less than proficient in problem-solving, in what areas of problem-solving would you recommend that the employee work to be able to improve his/her skills?
1. Does the employee appear to be motivated by his/her work-related tasks, job, and relationships? 2. How does the employee demonstrate that he/she is motivated and committed to success in the company? 3. Have you experienced any difficulties with the level of the employee’s motivation?
1. Are the employee’s work methods and approach to accomplishing his/her job effective, efficient, and continuously improving? 2. Are there areas of improvement that you would recommend for this employee that would help him/her accomplish his/her work more effectively? Or, are there areas of improvement that would help you accomplish your work more effectively?