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What is Essentials?

Essentials is a volunteer-run storefront that serves the community through providing many different kinds products such as personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies, diapers, and various household goods. With $20 a year membership, our members can come in and shop once a month without scheduling an appointment.

Qualifications for membership:

  • Valid Photo ID

  • $20 Annual Fee (Cash only)

  • Proof of Need: Bridge Card, WIC, Medicaid Card, Social Security Disability Income (NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE A VERIFICATION LETTER FROM DHS OR S.S. INCOME VERIFICATION LETTER)

Store Hours:
Tuesdays 10am-12pm &
Wednesdays 5:30pm-7:30pm

4411 Plainfield Ave.
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Essentials follows Northview school's cancelation policy for inclement weather. To see if Essentials is closed due to weather, visit and look for Frontline event cancelations. 

Volunteer at Essentials

Essentials could not exist without the help of our volunteers! Consider being part of the Essentials community through volunteering during one of our weekly shifts. 

Donate Product

We are always in need of product. Below are the NEW AND UNOPENED products we like to guarantee availability. You can donate these at the church office.

Toilet paper • Kleenex • shampoo bar soap • dish soap • laundry detergent • toothpaste toothbrushes • deodorant • paper towel tampons • trash bags •
all-purpose cleaner