These guidelines outline the general rules when using Frontline’s brand assets and displaying Frontline's content. Consistent use of these rules help people easily recognize references to Frontline and protect our brand identity. 

General Communications Guidelines

In our branding and communications strategy, Frontline is committed to adhering to the following guidelines. We strive to remain consistent in these commitments across all mediums and channels.

  • Prioritize communication that is focused on reaching our community.

  • Focus on mission priorities, not equal exposure for all program areas.

  • Focus on connecting to the needs of the individual rather than the needs of the ministry or program.

  • Seek to compel individuals to take the next step-allowing them to absorb and seek on their own.

  • Deliver excellence in timeliness, accuracy, design, layout and ease of use.

  • Be simple and clear, eliminating unnecessary fluff or complicated content.

  • Always be in a language, style and method that is visible and understandable to the first-time guest.

  • Be focused and consistent with the intention of providing basic information that people can easily scan.

  • Be sustainable. We will not start a project (e.g., website, or newsletters) if we do not have the personnel and systems in place to maintain it with excellence.

  • Be evaluated in context of the whole church and its priorities; not just a specific program’s audience.

  • Actively seek to balance inspiration and information.

Logo Guidelines

The Frontline logo and its elements must be kept intact as is, although there are a few variations that may be used for special applications. Please do not distort, recolor, recreate, add drop shadow, or otherwise alter the logo or its variants in any way. 

Main Logo

Frontline's primary logo should be used for most material. It can be the exact combination of green and gray, all dark gray (#333333), or light gray (#ededed). No other color combinations are permitted.


In some cases, it may be appropriate to use an alternate version of the logo that includes the web address. The same color rules apply.


You may use the Frontline cross alone as a graphic element. It must always retain its circle shape. Do not stretch or warp in any way. Only use it in green, white or gray.


Font/Typeface Guidelines

Decorative Font

Faith and Glory (Title-Case)

Heading Fonts

helvetica neue thin (lowercase)or

Body Text Font

Helvetica Neue Thin or Light (normal-case)


  1. Use Faith and Glory font sparingly and only in very short title phrases (no more than 5-7 words).

  2. When using the lowercase heading alternative, only capitalize the names of God such as “Jesus”, “God”, “Lord”, “Holy Spirit”, etc.

Copywriting Guidelines

There are several areas of writing that are neither right nor wrong, but should still be consistent. This section summarizes Frontline Community Church’s grammar, style and spelling conventions.

  • Abbreviations: Avoid in general, particularly when referring to events or groups. (Example: Frontline Community Church – Frontline is acceptable in subsequent reference.)

  • Sentences: Choose active versus passive writing. Passive voice lowers the readability and clarity. Example: Mark decided (not “It was decided”).

  • Titles: All titles are to be in italics for easier readability (rather than underlined or with “quotes”). (Example: Brian McLaren’s More Ready Than You Realize.)

  • Dates: Drop reference to year when appropriate. Always include day of the week and don’t abbreviate in formal writing. You may abbreviate in informal or digital pieces. Never use th, st or nd after dates. (Example: Tuesday, March 9 for formal; Tues, Mar 9 for informal)

  • Email: In print, email should be italicized and always lower case. Don’t hyphenate email addresses. Don’t underline. Website/social media/email should not show the actual ad- dress but link to an online contact form.(Example: Don’t publish volunteer personal email addresses in Frontline materials, unless given prior approval by said person.

  • Phone: As part of Frontline’s “look” we separate phone numbers with periods. Always include area code. Use lower case “x” for extension with no space. Always include extension for direct connection. Avoid using reception switchboard whenever possible. (Example: 616.647.1111 x112 not 647-1111 ext. 112) Never publish volunteer personal phone numbers in Frontline materials. Always use a Frontline phone number and extension.

  • Times: An acceptable format for all publications is: 6pm, 7:30am, 1-3:30pm

  • Web: In body copy, use lower case and italics for all web addresses. Use UPPERCASE when in a graphic element, such as a callout on a brochure or slide. Internet addresses should not be underlined. Drop “www”.

  • Wordiness: Avoid it and eliminate unnecessary phrases or adjectives. If the sentence makes sense without it, you should take it out. A clear, concise writing style is preferred over a wordy, flowery style. (Example: phrases like “for more information” and “a time of” can generally be omitted.)

Colors Guidelines

To maintain a consistent brand, we adhere strictly to the use of the following colors in our assets. 

Logo Colors.jpg

#ededed: may be used fore backgrounds/text for most material.

#333333: may be used for backgrounds/text for most material.

#66cc00: may be used in Frontline's logo, as well as an accent color.

#855188: may be used only as an accent color.

#dc6a27: may be used only as an accent color.


Standard (screen) GRAPHICS

Use for any graphic that will appear on the worship center screens, TV’s, newsletters, most social media posts.

1920px X 1080px, 300dpi, horizontal orientation


For any graphic that will appear on website calendar, as well as some social media posts.

1920px X 1920px, 300dpi

Zero Faith Square.jpg


Used only for bulletin sermon series graphic.

1920px X 424px, 300dpi, horizontal orientation

Zero Faith Bulletin.jpg

social media story graphic Guidelines

Used only for Instagram and Facebook stories.

1080px X 1920px, 300dpi, vertical orientation

Zero Faith instagram.jpg