Our greatest and highest calling as followers of Jesus is that of discipleship. To be like Jesus and do the things that Jesus did. But what is far too often missing from our discipleship journeys are moments that strip and break us to a point of no return. In order to fully understand God’s work in us, at some point, we must be completely broken and then again restored.

The call of the first disciples involved both adventure and risk. It was a call that pushed them to the edge of themselves, leaving behind all they knew in obedience and obsession for the one who called them. This “rite of passage” experience was almost always transformative and profoundly strengthening precisely because it stretched them to their limits.

The idea of the Haiti Discipleship Experience is to take part in a rite of passage experience that admittedly involves some risk; something that challenges and stretches, but does not leave you the same. Through our strategic partnership with Ebenezer Discipleship Training Center, this experience will take you to edge of yourself so that you can be forever impacted by the greatness of God and his unrelenting compassion.

By going through one of our Haiti Discipleship Experiences, you will be immersed in a personal, face to face, relational encounter with the poor and see firsthand the effects of poverty in our world. At the same time, you will see the Kingdom of God at work through the Haitian church, which will drastically alter the way you view short term trips and relief efforts. Throughout the experience, you and your cohort will develop biblical community in a way you never have before. In this new environment, you will learn to live and interact with others the way Jesus did. And ultimately, by allowing yourself to become vulnerable, you will encounter Jesus in a way you never thought possible.

If you are truly ready to let God break you and fundamentally change you forever, join us for the next Haiti Discipleship Experience.

There are 10 total available spots for each trip. The cost of the trip is between $1300-$1500. The application below along with a deposit of $100 will be due by January 1st.  

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